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Clayton Hewitt, KF8UI
Clay has held a ham radio license since March 1983. Previous calls were KA8UDL 1983, N8GQC 1985 and has held an Advance class license since 1987. Clay is the Business Manager/Network Engineer/Underwriting Coordinator for the Smile FM Radio Network. Clay also has been active in the ARES/RACES programs since 1983, and has been an ARRL Life member since 1987. Clay has been a certified NARTE (National Assoc of Radio and Telecomm Engineers) Technician (T4-0305) since 1987. He also holds FEMA Certifications for IS-01,02,03,05,100,200,700,800,IC-300 and IC-400 and is State of Michigan 800mhz Certified. Clay handles problems with repeaters owned and/or maintained by MSCG or if you are a person or company who would like to donate equipment to MSCG Inc. You can contact Mr. Hewitt at president@mscginc.org


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Dale Collins, KC8ZXF
Dale has been a ham since 2004 and has been the E.C. And RO. For Genesee Co. and has been very active in ham radio emergence operations. Dale has a good relationship with the office of emergence management, He also carries IS-22, IS-100 ,IS- 200 IS-,700 IS- 800.

Dale is a member of local 370 plumber and pipe fitters for 26 years and has worked on construction jobs all over the state . He recently was in NC. As a superintendent for two 12 million dollar hospital remodels and a General Foreman for a 30 million dollar mechanical were he was in charge of 7 foreman and 120 men. This has give Dale the experience the be a good leader and a decision maker.
You can contact Dale at vp@mscginc.org


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Tim Knights, KC8OYE
Tim has held a ham radio license for 11 years and holds a General Class license. Tim is more than happy to answer any questions about ham radio that you may have and loves helping people into the hobby.
Tim is deeply involved with the FEMA Independant study, his current list of certificates include IS-1, IS-5, IS-20.11, IS-21.11, IS-22, IS-33.11, IS-35.11, IS-100b, IS-200b, IS-700a, IC-300 and IC-400.
You can contact Mr. Knights at secretary@mscginc.org


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Doug Parkinson, WB8DLN
Doug has been a member of the ham radio community since he was first licensed in December of 2005. At that time he was known as KD8CPD. Doug upgraded his license to General status in February 2006. In March 2007 Doug filed for a vanity call sign as WB8DLN. This call sign means a lot to Doug since it was his Uncle Don Payne's call sign, which passed away in 1992. Doug currently working in Flushing, MI. Mr. Parkinson handles all aspects of finance for MSCG Inc. If you have any sort of donations to make, donations received, or receipts than Doug is the person you need to speak to. Doug can be reached at finance@mscginc.org